HP GK520 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


=HP GK520 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Durable Quality Aluminium bezel is scratch resistant and durable. Highly durable double-shot injection molded keycaps. Lettering won’t fade away even with frequent use. Perfect for Typing/Game Enjoy great typing experience all day with thick and responsive keys. Gaming buttons rated at up to 50 million clicks. Anti Ghosting Supporting 6 buttons or all button anti-ghosting. Essential feature for gaming. Ergonomic Design Appropriate height and angle gives you comfortable hand gesture. Multifunction Keys – Fn + “Keys” F1 – My computer F2 – Search F3 Calculator F4 – Media/Player F5 – Previous F6 – Next F7 – Play/Pause F8 – Stop F9 – Mute F10 – Decrease Volume F11 – Increase Volume Win – Win lock/unlock Up arrow – Increase Brightness Down arrow – Decrease Brightness Left arrow – Decrease Speed Right arrow – Increase speed Ins – Backlight mode switching PrtSc – 6 Anti-Ghosting Keys ScrLk – N Anti-Ghosting keys Home – Custom backlight recording End – Custom backlight Storage PgUp – Keyboard sperimeter backlight mode switching PgDn – Keyboard sperimeter backlight color switching Specification: GK520 – Connection Type : USB Wired – Number of Buttons : 104 keys – Button Press Life : Up to 50 Million clicks – Rated Voltage/Current : DC5v/<250mA – Button Press Distance : 4.0mm – Button Press Force : 60+-10g – Supported OS : Win 2000,XP,Vista,7,8,10/MAC OS – Cable Length : 1.8m (Rubber Cable)